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The addition of grilles to windows, while often neglected, is a vital feature in which every homeowner should invest. By installing grilles, homeowners can enjoy both aesthetic and functional benefits. Because of this, grilles are still in fashion today.

It’s a well-known fact that the windows are among the most vulnerable parts of the home in terms of safety. Outsiders can easily sneak into your home through them. The installation of strong grilles is enough deterrent for such cases. Additionally, grilles aren’t meant for just keeping burglars out. In some cases, overly adventurous children are inclined to look to windows for youthful thrills. You can ensure their safety by adding grilles to your replacement windows. Of course, it must be mentioned that window grilles and other features are not a substitute for real home security systems and adult supervision of children.

The advantages of window grilles: security, elegance and strength!

Iris home grilles are economical passive security systems consisting of a series of vertical metal bars: they can folded up to one or both sides, opened toward the outside or the inside, and are available in various styles (with fixed guides, raisable, removable). They are especially recommended for those who wish to purchase long-lasting and efficient protection elements.

In particular, extendable grilles can provide a number of specific advantages


Door and window grilles provide outstanding anti-burglary and anti-intrusion protection: as they are especially visible, their presence alone is usually enough to make the idea of paying a little visit to your home less inviting to burglars and delinquents.

Every home has different strong and weak points: however, passive protection devices prove to be effective in the protection of all types of homes, thanks to the availability of many models from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


These effective protection devices are wonderfully adapted to your home thanks to their high-quality design, which allows you to use them effectively to embellish both modern buildings and older, historic buildings: each model of these security grilles is perfect for a certain type of home, and is able to make your house, villa or apartment even more elegant and charming, as well as secure.


Extendable grilles for windows are anti-intrusion devices made in galvanized or stainless steel, faced with aluminum shells painted with epoxy powder coatings that guarantee you the security, peace of mind and protection that you need!

Grilles generally consist of a series of extremely strong (wrought or galvanized iron or steel) metal bars that are treated to increase their resistance to cutting, and are designed in following with the most exacting quality controls to make them comply with the strictest EU directives regulating the quality standards of this type of product.