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Smart Fingerprint Digital Lock L2S 4 way unlock methods/ support temporary access code.

RM 1,099.00

Prodected access is now keyless and effortless:
It' time to say Good-Bye to heavy, dangling keys and bulky, rusty door locks because the L2S from EZVIZ is ready for your next front-door upgrades.
The L2S make your door easier, faster and safer, and protects your loved ones with a sturdy design and the security features that homes need.

More way to unlock, easier to manage:
The L2S is flexbile. Use FINGER PRINT, enter the PASSCODE, swipe a PROXIMITY CARD or use the EMERGENCY MECHANICAL KEY. Access is always easyto manage via the EZVIZ app.

Plenty of power for a busy house hold:
The L2S offer a long stand by time -Up to 365 Days- and it's easy to change batteries when needed. If the power goes out, you can connect the lock to portable Power Bank to emergency opening.