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YDD724A Fingerprint Smart Door Lock (Deadbolt)

RM 2,699.00
Deadbolts are one of the most effective types of locks you can trust for the utmost protection for your home. These locks, like the YDD724A, are typically used on external doors and are nearly impossible to break down. YDD724A has multiple access modes to choose from such as fingerprint recognition, PIN code, RFID key, mechanical key and the optional remote control.

Download the Yale Access APP and control your lock using your smart phone via app, you can:

Unlock the door lock easily
Yale Access is an integrated security solution that controls the opening and closing of your Yale smart door locks through your smartphone application and provides real-time status monitoring of your home.

Personalise your lock settings
User-friendly interface to personalise your lock settings. Register as many fingerprints, user pin codes, card keys & Bluetooth keys as you want. Add a onetime user code for visitors like your parents whenever you are not at home to welcome them!

Control your smart lock remotely via Yale Access Wi-Fi Bridge (optional)
Remotely access your smart lock from anywhere. Able to track who access your door 24/7. Runs on 2.4Ghz WiFi bandwidth.

Receive alert notification
Get notified whenever someone unlocks the door – this is especially useful when only your helper is at home for instance – the app will indicate the various timings the door is unlocked too! You will receive a notification when the lock is jammed or alarm is armed.

Technical Specifications

  • Front Dimension: 66(W) X 176(H) X 31.5(D) mm
  • Back Dimension: 70(W) X 170(H) X 35(D) mm